Startup Weekend Seattle Space

Our team “Star Trial” won the 2nd prize for #pitching and creating #businessplan for matching #aerospace companies with testing facilities that offer services to certify function of a gadget in #space. Built the team with members who were interested in similar cause and had great fun executing it. More importantly learned a lot. Great guidance from #johnsechrest and wonderfully organized by Michael Doyle Sean McClinton Stan Shull and […]

A Proof Of The Halting Theorem

Toward teaching computability and complexity simultaneously Large Numbers in Computing source Wilhelm Ackermann was a mathematician best known for work in constructive aspects of logic. The Ackerma… Source: A Proof Of The Halting Theorem

At the game 

Could not have asked for better day for the game. T-Mobile sponsored the event for its employees and it was a good networking event.  We were at the apigee of the stadium and the vantage point was amazing. Wish I had gotten a better parking spot but other than that could not have asked for […]

47th anniversary of the first Moon landing

“One giant leap for humanity—today is the 47th anniversary of the first Moon landing. Let’s keep exploring!” “An optimistic man once said, “Reach for the moon, because if you don’t make it you’ll land among the stars.” Well, 47 years ago today, Apollo 11 nailed it. Mars, we’re looking at you now.” #Apollo11 source #code […]