Incentive Compensation Management Trends.

Having spent more than 7 years modeling and implementing insurance incentive compensation plans, it occurred to me that I should share my experiences about the industry, its tends and the serving application, in this blog. Over the years I managed to deploy solutions for Life, Annuities, Health & Property & Causality. The one consistent theme across […]

Strengthening Roots

Today is kind of special as my confidence levels are high and I am feeling good. Its not that these do not happen from time to time but this was different as I was strengthening my roots, my core abilities. I surprised myself by implementing an application ground up myself with new technology. Although I must admit […]

Clean Energy

Clean Energy An opportunity well described. I found it interesting because it showed me a potential path which can we be walked on, with a reasonable certainty that it would not end in near future. As Jennifer, I like to be AT the table rather than ON the table.