Piers Morgan’s interviewing Justice Scalia

 Piers Morgan’s interviewing Justice Scalia back in 2012. I liked how openly people at this level spoke their mind. My view of the politicians has been very different and was expecting similar behavior but it was delightful to hear his point of views and how others were opening disagreeing (respectfully or not in a few cases) eventually arriving at a reasonable conclusion. I noticed there are many parallels between the Justice process and what we do in our daily lives, primarily at work.  Although not to the same rigor we all employ similar logical arguments to arrive at common ground, understand the different types of motivations of people, resolve conflicts and choose a direction to move on based on principles, values and sound arguments/reasoning of the group involved.
I then realized all these, be it, Justice system, Corporate work etc… are all instances or models of the generic Formal Systems. At this abstraction its a well known result how rigorous the system is in arriving at decisions but also cursed by Godel’s Incompleteness Theorems where a system of this complexity cannot be both consistent and complete at the same time. It does not end here. The system may not be able to prove all things possible. Although gloomy that is the nature of this existence. That is the computational limitation of our consciousness. I cant help but to think that may be this is how one attains realization, when one eventually computes one’s truth and becomes ready for another level of existence …. in a whole hierarchy of existences each with their own computational power more like DFA/NFA (regular expressions) < Pushdown automata (Context Free) < eventually a turing machines. (Unrestricted).

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