The black hole’s interior is protected by an armour of computational complexity

I believe when the black hole information paradox problem when viewed from this vantage point offers a fresh perspective, that the laws pf physics might actually be upheld by computational complexity — which is defined entirely in terms of information. The article also talks about how this might help understand quantum entanglement.

Scott Aaronson puts it, “the black hole’s interior is protected by an armour of computational complexity” in his book Quantum Computing:
I could not put this book down once I started reading. Highly recommended for a reader who finds it fun to put different pieces together and is not afraid of the abstract. This book is something I always wished to have, one place with a logical string of reasoning end to end w/o the technical rigor (which can be filled in as needed)

It is exciting to see computational complexity as fundamental as thermodynamics (entropy) acting as a tool to help solve problems in multiple disciplines. I had like to see how the observer plays a role in this equation as at the end of the day, it is us interpreting the event or computing the complexity via our mind through our senses.

Theoretical physics: Complexity on the horizon


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