National Mathematician Day

On this date in 1887 mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan was born in Erode, Tamil Nadu, India. Ramanujan had nearly no formal training in mathematics and was largely self-taught until he was a teenager. As an adult his work quickly gained attention from other Indian mathematicians who spread his work to Europe. He independently proved several theorems in a number of mathematical subjects and also produced many new theorems. He moved to England in 1914 and continued to publish on a wide range of topics and much of his work has been widely influential for his unique approaches to even already established proofs.

National Mathematics Day: Remembering the genius Srinivasa Ramanujan!



Renaissance Florence Was a Better Model for Innovation than Silicon Valley Is

Excellent point of view backed with data. I believe its a way of life. To inculcate this kind of lifestyle and values organically, would take a generation to live through it. The other possibility is to rebuild in an entirely new way after a calamity (as you indicated in the article). I personally like this way of life and was excited when you said “demanded that leadership change every few months” to keep the creativity and innovation intact.

Renaissance Florence Was a Better Model for Innovation than Silicon Valley Is



Brace for the news this THUR (2/11/16). Whatever the outcome, it is set to be a milestone on the cosmic calendar. It has been 100 years since Einstein published his General Theory of Relativity that married Gravity to Space-Time. LIGO has measured the last of the predictions made by this theory, ie, the presence of ripples in space-time caused by rapidly spinning objects like pulsars, 2 star systems etc.. Detecting a gravitational wave is like noticing the Milky Way — which is about 100,000 light-years wide — has stretched or shrunk by the width of a pencil eraser.

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Pros and Cons of modelling a ready only query system with Multiple databases vs Multiple schemas?

Pros and Cons of modelling a ready only query system with Multiple databases vs Multiple schemas?

I have the following scenario where an SQL Server database (D1) is being replicated to D1_p (on-premise SQL Server). I have another on-premise oracle database (D2) being replicated to D2_p (on-premise SQL Server). I am trying to understand the pros and cons of setting up D1_p and D2_p on two separate DB servers vs a single SQL Server database and have 2 separate schemas on it. Would love to hear your thoughts on the same. Also please note that there is a constant sync happening in an asynchronous manner between (D1 and D1_p via SQL Log Shipping) and (D2 and D2_p via Golden Gate).

Piers Morgan’s interviewing Justice Scalia

 Piers Morgan’s interviewing Justice Scalia back in 2012. I liked how openly people at this level spoke their mind. My view of the politicians has been very different and was expecting similar behavior but it was delightful to hear his point of views and how others were opening disagreeing (respectfully or not in a few cases) eventually arriving at a reasonable conclusion. I noticed there are many parallels between the Justice process and what we do in our daily lives, primarily at work.  Although not to the same rigor we all employ similar logical arguments to arrive at common ground, understand the different types of motivations of people, resolve conflicts and choose a direction to move on based on principles, values and sound arguments/reasoning of the group involved.
I then realized all these, be it, Justice system, Corporate work etc… are all instances or models of the generic Formal Systems. At this abstraction its a well known result how rigorous the system is in arriving at decisions but also cursed by Godel’s Incompleteness Theorems where a system of this complexity cannot be both consistent and complete at the same time. It does not end here. The system may not be able to prove all things possible. Although gloomy that is the nature of this existence. That is the computational limitation of our consciousness. I cant help but to think that may be this is how one attains realization, when one eventually computes one’s truth and becomes ready for another level of existence …. in a whole hierarchy of existences each with their own computational power more like DFA/NFA (regular expressions) < Pushdown automata (Context Free) < eventually a turing machines. (Unrestricted).

Pi Day

Happy Pi Day 2016.
Let’s spare a few moments for Ramanujams work on pi on this auspicious day! He gave a practical way of calculating “pi” using a ruler and compass only. It was quite an achievement of those times when people thought circles and spheres (involving pi) symbolized heaven and the descent of the spirit to the material plane. The squares and cubes symbolized the lifting up of material perfection to the divine. Pi is thought to have this transcending quality!


Containers are a form of lightweight virtualization that can hold all the application logic, and run as an isolated process with all the dependencies, libraries, and configuration files bundled into a single package that runs in the cloud. One such popular framework is Docker!


REDUCTIONISM is the most natural thing in the world to grasp. Its simply the belief that “a whole can be understood completely if you understand its parts, and the nature of their sum”. No one in her left brain could reject reductionism. -Douglas Hofstadter, GEB.


1. Loosely coupled service oriented arch with bounded contexts
2. Smaller services than my last SOA deployment
3. Be pragmatic about it.  🙂
4. Not one data model to rule them all.  Do not use one DB for all services. Anti pattern
5. Ploygot persistence