Mathematicians Chase Moonshine’s Shadow

I must say this is by far the exciting article I came across so far. Filled with hope and proof. It combined some of the most important fields of study, in one shot: Number Theory, Algebra, String Theory, Escher’s Tessellation, Ramanujam’s Mock Theta functions and Black holes (as structures in space time)

The article talks about a mysterious bridge between number theory and algebra (monster group) in the form of string theory. It was thrilling to read about the 24 structures (also the number of dimensions string theory deals with) mysterious correspondences between the dimensions of a symmetry group on the one hand, and the coefficients of a special j-function on the other — referred to as “moonshine”. The awe inspiring moment was when I learnt that the j-function belongs to a special class of functions whose graphs have repeating patterns similar to M. C. Escher’s tessellation of a disk with angels and devils and that the coefficients of this function are a form of the 17 mock theta functions discovered by Ramanujam.

That was about the proved result. The conjectural part is connection between moonshine and quantum gravity that could unite General theory of relativity and quantum mechanics. It further goes to say that the corresponding String theory model could be constructed such that 194 categories of elements in the monster group correspond to 194 types of black holes. I guess the other models explain the parallel universes out there….

Yes still trying to sync in. The idea is so far fetched that the scientists themselves called it “Moonshine” as discussed in the article.

“Math is all about building bridges where on one side you see more clearly than on the other” –Duncan

Escher’s Tessellation

Ramanujam’s mock theta functions

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